VICSD Veterinary Telemedicine / Teleconsulting Group

VICSD Telemedicine / Teleconsulting Group realizes the vision of having a board-certified veterinary specialists working in every veterinary practice. VICSD Telemedicine / Teleconsulting Group delivers cost-effective expert consulting to practices everywhere. Their expertise in consult delivery ensures that clients are receiving the highest level of diagnostic teleconsulting services.


Through VICSD Veterinary Telemedicine and veterinary radiology Group, all case consults are written and sent to the veterinarian within 24 hours via email and fax. The STAT option is available for consults that require immediate evaluation. STAT reports are delivered in less than an hour.
VICSD Telemedicine / Teleconsulting Group is powered by Vetology. With the fastest digital platform that is easy to use, Vetology’s cost-effective features are designed to advance veterinary medicine and promote wellness for patients.

About VICSD Veterinary Telemedicine / Teleconsulting Group

-connects veterinarians and hospitals with an independent network of cloud-based Veterinary teleradiology .

-delivers cost-effective diagnostic reports called Notes read to promote preventive and wellness care

-provides cloud-based record keeping and storage to ensure easy access to patient records and adherence to the highest standards of diagnostic reporting

-enables collaboration with specialists on complex cases

-provides real-time ultrasound services

-provides cost-effective second opinions by specialists, the single most important step a veterinarian can take to raise the level of medicine performed by the clinic

Diagnostic Reports Provided for

• Radiology
• Internal Medicine
• Neurology
• Cardiology

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