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Hello All,

I hope you remember me. It is Sheri, Mini Kitty’s owner. Today makes it exactly one year since I dropped Mini off and trusted all of you to care for her. Because Mini’s tumor was cancerous, I was told there were no guarantees.

Well, everyone, it has been a year and Mini is doing GREAT! She was about 41/2 pounds the VERY FIRST time my husband took her to your office and then a little over 5 pounds, I believe when I left her for the radioactive iodine treatment.

She has got to be around 9 pounds now. She is beautiful! I remember feeling her spine when I used to pet her. I was afraid to pet her because of how skinny she was. I remember her hind legs being so skinny and completely bald. She now has fur on them. Her fur is absolutely beautiful, her tail is thick and fluffy and she does not have a bald butt! She has the same beautiful fur that she used to have before the tumor. If you remember her, you would be amazed to see her.

Thank you for not giving up on Mini and giving her a chance. Without all of you, she would not be here with us at age 141/2. She no longer has those terrible symptoms. She eats well, but does not drink a n entire bowl of water at night and does not constantly meow. She sleeps on my pillow EVERY night. I tell myself it is because I dropped her off at your office and picked her up and she knows that her mom helped to make her feel better. I tell every pet lover I meet about Mini and your facility.”

Thank you so much for all your help with my clients’ kitties and our own personal cats.”

Dear Dr. Wallack,

I’m writing to express my appreciation for your support of our mission to provide veterinary care for our Military Working Dogs. Keeping these highly trained and valuable dogs healthy or quickly diagnosing and treating illnesses is vital and contributes greatly to successful missions.

Your timely consults and assistance to Major Thomas greatly facilitated this treatment. Access to advanced diagnotstic treatment options is an important augmentation to the services we provide through our military Veterinary Treatment Facilities.

Again, we appreciate the time spent by you and your technical staff in support of us and the Military Working Dogs we treat. Thank you again.”

We appreciate your kindness and generosity you have shown the animals. You have made a tremendous difference in their lives.

Leila is acting like a normal cat. She still does some hunting, but no longer frantically eats rabbits and rats! She has both peaceful and lively moments. We have our old cat back – what a relief. I really appreciated the kind staff members and their understanding of how tough it was to leave your cat in isolation. Also LOVE THE CAT CAM – thank goodness for that – kept me sane.”

On behalf of all the volunteers of OSLF I would like to thank you for working with us to provide Boris with his much needed MRI.”

Dr. Wallack,

We just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help with Madison. We appreciate you getting her an appointment so quickly and letting us send you a check. Everyone there was helpful and friendly and made the experience more comfortable for us all. Thanks again”

Thanks to you all for taking care of Milo. He is feeling much better now and finally putting on some weight. And the green nuclear glow is almost gone! Thanks again.”

Dear Seth,

Just a nod of thanks to you and your staff for helping me out and performing an ultrasound on Maggie. I am moved by your kindness and am forever grateful.”

Dear Sean,

“I wanted to thank Dr. Marina Ivancic and you for our recent ultrasound training. My Doctor’s found it very informative, useful and Dr. I made it a very positive learning environment. My Doctor’s are already using what they learned and feeling comfortable with their new skills. Dr. I is very good at teaching and encouraging the students to apply what they learned. I sat in on the ultrasound for my own cat and Dr. I encouraged Dr. Rhoades to find exactly what he was looking at. She was very patient and continued to guide him through that ultrasound. Thanks again for the education and we would recommend this to other Practices for hands on training.”

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