Continuing Education

Veterinary Student Rotations

We offer a wide variety of rotations for 4th year veterinary students. The rotations are generally Monday-Friday 8am-5pm. During their externship, students will be given hands on experience with ultrasounds, MRI’s, CT’s, and nuclear medicine procedures. If you would like more information, or would like to set up a rotation, please contact our extern coordinator Stevie at [email protected], she will be glad to give you more details.

Read About Our New I-131 Online CE Course for Veterinarians and Technicians

Technician Training

In response to the growing demand for educational programs in veterinary medicine, VICSD is developing courses for veterinary technician training. Technicians successfully completing our educational programs will be awarded CE credit when applicable and certification by VICSD. VICSD certification gives technicians a competitive edge, providing employers and pet owners assurance that technicians have achieved a professional level of competence.

Veterinarian Training

We provide veterinarians with an efficient way to expand their imaging knowledge and expertise through innovative, rigorous, and focused continuing education programs. In keeping with our role as a leader in veterinary radiology practice and research nationwide, all VICSD-certified courses acknowledge that imaging education is a process that requires time, effort, and mentorship. This process begins with VICSD educational courses.

VICSD currently offers the following courses for veterinarians and vet technicians:

VICSD works in conjunction with the American Association of Veterinary Radiologists (AAVR) to offer courses that help veterinarians and technicians improve their skills and provide the best diagnostic service possible to their patients.

New AAVR Course for Veterinarians and Technicians

Veterinary MRI 101 with John Posh, R.T., (R) (MR) – An online 13-session course for veterinarians and veterinary technicians interested in learning proper techniques for obtaining quality MR images. This is the nation’s first online CE veterinary MRI course!

AAVR Educational Opportunities for Veterinarians

AAVR Previous Online Radiology Rounds Subscription – Your subscription allows you access to videos of industry leaders discussing 12 cardiac cases with participating DVMs across the country.

AAVR Course for Veterinary Technicians

Online Radiation Safety Course with Candi Stafford, RVT (2 Units of CE Credit) – Course fulfills requirements for California radiation safety mandate that must be met by all veterinary professionals working with radiation equipment, and is taught by nationally recognized RVT, Candi Stafford.

Upcoming AAVR Educational Opportunities

FAST Course with Greg Lisciandro, DVM, DAVBP, DACVECC

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