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Veterinary Imaging Center of San Diego is the only stand-alone outpatient imaging facility in San Diego County, offering real-time ultrasounds.  Real-time Ultrasound provides the following benefits:

  1. Live interpretation of an ultrasound by a Specialist at a lower price than a typical Mobile Ultrasound:  Real-time ultrasound involves live streaming of the ultrasound images to a specialist sitting at a computer reading the case.  The specialist and the sonographer are communicating about the case during the live scan via bluetooth.
  2. Faster Report Turnaround:  Typically reports are on your fax machine before the sonographer leaves the building, because the reviewing specialist can write the report while discussing the case with the sonographer.
  3. Client Savings:  Your patients receive the same quality of care as our Mobile Ultrasound service, without the radiologist travel fee.
  4. More Ultrasound Availability:  You now have three options for making an ultrasound appointment:  Real-time Ultrasound, Mobile Ultrasound and Outpatient Ultrasound.

Real-Time Ultrasound is streaming a movie; remote ultrasound is watching a slide show.

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Real-Time Ultrasound FAQs

Q:  Who is qualified to perform the ultrasound?

A:  We have highly trained veterinarians and registered sonographers who broadcast the ultrasound studies to awaiting specialists.

Q:  Is the image quality affected during the streaming process?

A:  No. While image compression does occur, image appearance is unaffected.

Q:  Who reads the cases?

A:  Currently, radiologists read the cases, but involvement of other specialists is likely to happen in the future, since the broadcast can reach anyone with Internet access.

Q:  Will my hospital have to connect the machine to the Internet?

A:  No. The reason this system is so unique is that the sonographer actually brings the Internet with them, meaning they can broadcast the study from almost anywhere.

Q:  What’s the difference between having the radiologist do the study and Real-Time?

A:  The main difference is cost. Because the specialist doesn’t need to travel to your facility – but instead can be a part of the study remotely – the cost of the study is less.

Q:  We currently have a sonographer do our studies. Is there any difference?

A:  Other remote ultrasound services obtain still images and clips and send them off for review, whereas Real-Time Ultrasound is an Internet broadcast of the study that is reviewed by a board-certified specialist at the time of the ultrasound.


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