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Feline Hyperthyroidism: The Disease, Imaging, and Treatment

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The Veterinary Imaging Center of San Diego (VICSD) is proud to announce the launch of the nation’s first online I-131 CE course Feline Hyperthyroidism: the Disease, Imaging, and Treatment.

This one-hour lecture was created by I-131 expert Seth Wallack DVM, DACVR, and was presented to veterinarians and veterinary technicians at VICSD. 

Dr. Seth Wallack is recognized as a national leader in I-131 treatment. He designed and implemented the I-131 treatment program at VICSD, which boasts a 98% success rate, higher than the national average. As the most prevalent feline endocrine disorder, it is critical that veterinarians and veterinary technicians understand the serious nature of the disease and treatment options.

In Feline Hyperthyroidism, Dr. Seth Wallack gives a comprehensive presentation of the disease’s predisposing factors and effects on organ systems, and teaches veterinary professionals how to accurately evaluate blood work and clinical signs.

The lecture includes research data on treatment options including methimazole and I-131 survival rates, the Y/D diet, and I-131 dosing. Canine thyroid disorder and tumors are also discussed.

Dr. Seth Wallack’s I-131 treatment program at VICSD is recognized as among the best in the nation due to its research-based protocol, screening requirements, and imaging and treatment expertise.

Click here for information about VICSD’s I-131 treatment. 

Tuition and Registration:

The tuition is $50, and participants may enroll at any time and work at their own pace. The course consists of a one-hour video lecture followed by a short quiz to test your skills. 

Please note: This course is not currently RACE-approved. There are no credits associated with this course.

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