VICSD Veterinary Teleradiology Group Offers Notes Read

VICSD Teleradiology Group delivers cost-effective expert interpretation and radiograph review to practices everywhere. A unique service offered by the group is called Notes read, which is a great way to add a radiologist review at a lower cost with an easy click of a mouse in the Vetology platform. Here is a sample Notes read report.

A Notes read is a less expensive radiology report that provides a summary of the findings, conclusions and recommendations. For example, if a regular report equates to a cytology report with microscopic description, a Notes read equates to a cytology report without microscopic description.

With its lower price, clinicians can offer a Notes read for more patients and get the same quality and value. And Vetology is the only veterinary teleradiology platform that offers this cost-effective service.

VICSD Teleradiology Group realizes the vision of having a board-certified veterinary radiologist working in every clinic. Give us a call to learn more about our cutting-edge teleradiology/radiograph review services and pricing. (858) 634-5430.

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