VICSD’s Real-Time Ultrasound service is now available to
San Diego’s veterinary community

The wait is over. Real-Time Ultrasound is here!

Created and patented by VICSD CEO, Dr. Seth Wallack, Real-Time Ultrasound offers the convenience of a Mobile Ultrasound appointment but at a more cost-effective rate, so your patients can benefit from the expertise of a specialist without the travel fees added to the cost.

It works by a professional sonographer coming to  your hospital to perform the study and streaming the crystal-clear images over the Internet in real-time to a viewing consultant. The consultant and sonographer then work together to evaluate the case, determine if any tissue sampling is needed (which can be performed by the sonographer), and immediately generate a report.

Real-Time Ultrasound is also a great option for recheck ultrasounds and critical care cases needing an immediate evaluation of images and collaboration with a board-certified specialist. One bonus for those needing a recheck ultrasound is that the radiologist can view the current streamed images while simultaneously comparing them to prior ones, resulting in better recheck diagnostics than ever before.

This service was perfected while helping San Diego’s homeless pets at the San Diego Humane Society for the past two years, and it is now available to the rest of the local veterinary community.

Meet Our Sonographer: Vicki Brown
Vicki Brown has been a sonographer for our practice since 2008, using her talent to probe and then stream real-time ultrasound images from the San Diego Humane Society every Tuesday, and as of early 2012 for the rest of San Diego’s veterinary community. Her career as a licensed sonographer spans approximately 30 years, having been a chief sonographer and radiology manager for two large hospitals in San Diego.

VICSD Real-Time Ultrasound


View the full VICSD Real-Time Ultrasound brochure


Please call us if you’re interested in using our Real-Time Ultrasound service for your patients.
(858) 634-5430


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