Q&A: VICSD Off-Site Imaging


Q. Why are your MRI procedures done off site?
A. Utilizing medical imaging facilities offers the most advanced imaging at a price pet owners can afford. Off-site MR imaging allows us to be the only veterinary facility in San Diego to perform scans on a more advanced 1.5 Tesla MRI, providing shorter scan times and imaging capabilities not typically possible on older machines that are sited at veterinary specialty hospitals.

While transporting our patients to and from a human facility is not ideal, the benefits of off-site imaging for stable patients has more than made up for it.

Q. What are the benefits of off-site imaging?
A. Speed and quality of images are some benefits of off-site imaging. Off-site imaging has the benefit of utilizing million-dollar imaging equipment that is typically only available to human patients. Historically, veterinary imaging has been done on aged equipment that is sometimes 20 years old. Off-site imaging leverages downtime for human equipment, allowing veterinary patients to be scanned on state-of-the-art machines.

Q. Can the pet go straight to the other facility without coming to VICSD first?
A. Unfortunately, no. We understand that this is more convenient for some pet owners, but the patients must first come to our facility so that we can check them in properly and have our doctors make sure that they are healthy enough to be transported and undergo the procedure.

Q. Is the transporting of the pet safe?
A. Yes. When the pet is transported, a licensed veterinary technician and doctor are with them throughout the entire process.

Q. Why do you have a cancelation policy for MRI procedures?
A. Because we must schedule the appointment off site, we must reserve time at the other facility in advance. If we cancel within 24 hours, we get charged a significant fee, which is why we ask for a deposit in order to secure the appointment date and time.

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