We encourage all veterinarians who have purchased, or are considering purchasing, an ultrasound machine for their hospital to take advantage of our personalized educational opportunities. They are also great learning experiences for sonographers who practice in human or veterinary medicine.

Through our ultrasound training options, you will be able to better familiarize yourself with the ultrasound modality and become more confident in your skills.

I. Ultrasound Training

Performed At: Your hospital*

Program: This option consists of one-on-one time with one of our board-certified radiologists at your hospital. The program features 3-4 hours of theory (including physics, applications, and cases) and 4 hours of wet labs.

Cost: $1,500/day

*Pets used for training purposes must be provided by your hospital.

II. Ultrasound Sabbatical

Performed At: Our hospital as well as those of our referring clinics who request Mobile Ultrasound appointments

Program: You will have the opportunity to watch and interact as we obtain images and collaborate, conclude, and write reports based on findings. We offer in-house and mobile ultrasound services, both of which you can participate in during the one or two weeks that you spend at our hospital, depending on how you choose to tailor your time with us.

Cost: $1,500 for one week; $2,500 for two weeks

Please give us a call today at (858) 634-5430 or email us at [email protected] to learn more and to register.



Dear Sean,
I wanted to thank Dr. Marina Ivancic and you for our recent ultrasound training. My Doctors found it very informative, useful and Dr. I made it a very positive learning environment. My Doctors are already using what they learned and feeling comfortable with their new skills. Dr. I is very good at teaching and encouraging the students to apply what they learned. I sat in on the ultrasound for my own cat and Dr. I encouraged Dr. Rhoades to find exactly what he was looking at. She was very patient and continued to guide him through that ultrasound. Thanks again for the education and we would recommend this to other Practices for hands-on training.
Thanks again,
Linda Hutchins

El Cajon Valley Veterinary Hospital

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